Facility Dogs

Skilled working dogs specifically trained to help mulitple people:
- improve health outcomes,
- aid physical and emotional recovery
- reduce a body’s stress indicators
- improve mental health
- create social connections
...... and much more!
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What do Facility Dogs do?

Recovery Assistance

Facility Dogs can assist patient participation and improve patient outcomes in palliative care facilities, rehabilitation programs, mental health therapies. Our Facility Dogs are capable of working in a variety of medical and professional settings with tasks to physically and emotionally support patients.

Learning Programs

Facility Dogs are used effectively in children's read-aloud programs, in classroom education programs, and in after school tutoring programs. Our dogs are trained to be active participants in activities that promote physical education, memory skills, numeric skills and literacy and language development skills.

Workplace Wellness

Employee Assistance programs can make use of Facility Dogs in group settings, or one-on-one settings. Peer Support Groups, Human Resources, trauma reporting, incident debriefings and traumatic incident aftercare are all specific settings our dogs can support.

Placement or Deployment?

Businesses, facilities, and organizations have many goals for seeking a Facility Dog. Our team can help you determine if your needs are best served with a Facility Dog for delopyment, or for placement within your facility.

FTK-9 trains and provides Facility Dogs for placement or deployment throughout Renfrew County Ontario.

Renfrew County residents experience some unique challenges to accessing services; including our geographic location, population density, demographics and historically underserved medical and education services.

FTK-9 Facility Dogs are available for placement to eligible facilities through our application process.

Eligible facilities that can not support a Facility Dog placement may be eligible for a Facility Dog deployment instead. Because of Renfrew County’s unique demographics, many of the organizations and facilities that would most benefit from the inclusion of a Facility Dog to their program may be unable to support the full time placement of a Facility Dog due to their size, funding, business model or existing staffing. For this reason our in-house Facility Dogs are available for deployment. A Facility Dog’s deployment length may vary based on the facility’s need and goals. 

Contact us about a Facility Dog

Consider a Facility Dog deployment (a visiting Facility dog) if:

  • your facility has operational need for a Facility Dog for occassional use
  • your facility can not identify 2 handlers among your staff
  • your facility does not currently have the budget to support the routine care and feeding of a working dog
  • your facility is still developing it’s service program that will include working dogs

Facility Dog deployments/visits are invoiced to the hiring organization prior to scheduled visits.

Consider a Facility Dog for placement to your Facility if:

  • your facility has operational need for a Facility Dog more often (weekly, daily)
  • your facility can identify 2 handlers among your staff (we can assist!)
  • your facility can idenitfy a small budget to support the routine care and feeding of a working dog
  • your facility has a mandate or service program that includes working dogs

Fire Team K-9’s Inc. is a proud Service Dog provider for Wounded Warriors Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Command.


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