Fire Team K-9's Service Dogs

Fire Team K-9’s Inc. is a non profit corporation that provides Service Dogs to military veterans, EMTs, firefighters and police officers.

FTK-9 Service dogs are trained to help a veteran reintegrate into civilian life. Oftentimes our Service Dog is the missing piece of the puzzle for a veteran’s successful recovery from military life. 

Soldiers are trained to rely on their Fire Team Partner while serving in the military. Our Service Dogs are, in a sense, a Fire Team Partner for civilian life. Having a partner by their side gives a veteran an increased sense of confidence and security, which in turn helps increase their chance of success after a life of military service. 

The bond between a Service Dog and Handler grows through extensive training together, over time. The learning process is very similar to how a military unit grows to function seamlessly, with experience and practice together. 

A Service Dog and Handler pairing is a unique relationship formed by matching the right dog with the right Handler. By getting this match right both the dog and the veteran gain independence and a renewed purpose, together. 

Both Service Dogs and Handlers are trained. They are taught to rely on and serve each other in a reciprocal partnership, and this bond that forms is exceptional to witness.  

Our Service Dogs are trained to the highest Canadian standards
Both Handler and Service Dog receive extensive training and support
FTK9 Service Dogs are donated to those who meet the criteria health tested
FTK9 Service Dogs in Training are fostered in family environments
All FTK9 Service Dog candidates are temperament, aptitude and health tested
Both Handler and Service Dog receive customized training specific to their needs
FTK9 Service Dogs are carefully matched with a Handler's needs
Matching the dog with the person is our priority and we will be with you every step of the way to ensure bonding and success
FTK9 Service dogs come from pedigree breeders and select rescue dogs
Service dogs receive customized training to assist people with disabilities
FTK9 is a non-profit organization


Our Service Dogs can be trained to assist in the following tasks:

  • nightmare interruption
  • interrupting hypervigilance, anxiety, and flashbacks
  • grounding by touch
  • deep pressure therapy
  • mobility assistance including retrieving, delivering, or carrying of items, bracing for balance assistance, mobility button assistance
  • other customized tasks


  • A veteran must be honorably discharged with a diagnosis of an Operational Stress Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury and/or a Mobility Limiting Disability;
  • Diagnosis must be related to work service;
  • The applicant must be in on-going treatment by a mental health professional;
  • The applicant must be in a stable living situation and able to actively care for themselves and a service dog;
  • Applicant must be able to independently complete Team Training, and hands-on training with a Fire Team K-9 coach


The demand for a service dog far outweighs our available service dogs in training and we do not guarantee that every applicant will receive a dog.  We screen and interview applicants whose needs match the strengths and skills of our dogs.

Matching the dog with the person is our priority and we will be with you every step of the way to ensure bonding and success.

Status: Placed

Judah & Jeff

Judah is a highly trained Service Dog who is who is dedicated to his work. During his down time he greatly enjoys Scent Detection classes and time by the pool.


November 2015


Mastiff X


Certified and Matched!

Officer Moe

Officer Moe is a lovable boy with a special name. His name honors a fallen Police Officer (insert name). Moe-Moe is a hard working boy who will happily let loose and play with the puppies when his work is done.


September 2020


Golden Retriever


Certified and Matched!
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Fire Team K-9’s Inc. is a proud Service Dog provider for Wounded Warriors Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Command.

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