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Eligible Facilities Include

Professional organizations operating in Renfrew County Ontario that support people experiencing trauma or Operational Stress Injuries (ie: operational facilities such as active police, firefighters or military units, victim service agencies, medical facilities, theraputic and rehabilitation facilities, child advocacy centres, courtrooms)

The Facility Support Dog must support and enhance existing services already being provided

Qualifying Criteria

Demonstrate the physical, social and/ or mental health improvement to the organization’s clients by the addition of a specially trained Facility Dog Team
Facilities must demonstrate that the workload requires the skills and training of a Facility Dog (they cannot utilize a therapy or pet dog at their facility to fulfill their purpose).
The Facility Support Dog must be utilized a minimum of 20 hours per week and a maximum of 30 hours per week.
Has a letter of support from senior management to obtain a Facility Support Dog
Has the means and ability to provide for all the dog’s needs, including food, shelter, veterinarian care, exercise, and continued training
The organization must be able to meet the emotional, physical and financial needs of the Facility Dog
Can commit to the training program and understands the need to follow the rules and guidelines to keep their dog up on all the training so that they continue to function as a Facility Dog
Dog must reside and work in a smoke-free environment that is deemed safe

Fire Team K-9’s Inc. provides Facility Dogs to qualifying organizations. Our Eligibility Criteria exists solely to best match Facilities to our dog’s skills and training. Our dogs are speficially trained to support or mitigate Operational Stress Injuries and perform in specific work environments.

Application Process

To help ensure the success of each team, we have designed an intensive application process to assist with the placement and matching of our dogs.

Facility Dogs are valued at $40,000 and arrive to your facility fully trained and ready for customizing for your organization’s needs. Facility Dogs have an eight to ten year working life and are owned and supported by FTK-9 for life.

FTK-9 Inc receives no government funding and relies entirely on donations from the general public, corporate sponsors, fundraising events, and community supporters.

Our application process is currently OPEN. Please indicate your interest in a Facility Dog with our Inquiry Form.

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Inquiry Stage

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Applicants interested in a FTK-9 Facility Dog express their interest online by completing our Inquiry Form. Eligible inquiries will receive a phone call within 30 days to review their eligibility and disccus the application process.

Inquiries are currently OPEN. Please complete an Inquiry Form. 

Eligibility Stage

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Applicants are guided through completing the application package by our Client Services team. Applicants meet with FTK-9 to verify eligibility and discuss your facility's operational needs. FTK-9 tours your facility and helps your team define the dog's job description and identify potential Handlers.

Application Stage

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Handlers identified by their facility are guided through home visits and an in-person interview.

Education Stage

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Handlers attend our 3 week Facility Dog Handler Program to work with a potential Facility Dog match. This education program will teach you how to use your new Facility Dog and further customize their skills to your facility's unique needs.

Certification Stage

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Handlers and facilities are supported by FTK-9 during the matching process with additional skills maintenance and regular access to our Trainers. Teams are tested and certified annually and supported for the life of the dog. Continuity of care for the Facility is provided by training and supporting new Handlers as required.

Fire Team K-9’s Inc. is a proud Service Dog provider for Wounded Warriors Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Command.

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